Celebrating a lifetime of artistry

Jun 27, 2017

On June 14, Arabella of Athens resident Vivian Brownell and her works of art took center stage at the 211 Gallery in Athens for her Civitas Miracle Moment.

Ms. Brownell is a talented seamstress and embroiderer.

Ms. Brownell was born in Painted Post, NY, the third of four girls. While in high school, Vivian meet her sweetheart, Wayne, who would ultimately become her husband in 1941. Ms. Brownell gave life to two daughters, Linda and Rita. As she raised the girls, Ms. Brownell took art classes, sewed clothes, made costumes, helped with school projects and led a Camp Fire Girls group. As the girls got older, Ms. Brownell began taking classes at Alfred University where she learned to design and create pottery. Ms. Brownell became inspired to research and document her family’s history. After years of work, she published her book Hearts and Homes.

As a resident of Arabella of Athens, Ms. Brownell was selected to participate in the Civitas Miracle Moment program. The program enhances resident’s lives by celebrating special times, from small moments to large events, and everything in between. Knowing of her vast accomplishments as an artist, the leadership of Arabella felt that the perfect Miracle Moment for Ms. Brownell would be an art show at the 211 Gallery, just off the square in downtown Athens. “We are excited to have been a part of such a wonderful event,” says Virginia Reeder, Events Coordinator, 211 Gallery.

On the evening of the Miracle Moment event, Ms. Brownell arrived at the 211 Gallery to see examples of her embroidery, handmade cards, pottery, metal tooling and a copy of her book on display for all to enjoy. Friends from Ms. Brownell’s old neighborhood on Cedar Creek Lake, family members and residents of Arabella of Athens attended the event to celebrate the incredible achievements of a lifetime of art.

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